Drone Helicopters

The popularity of drone helicopters is increasing each and every single year. This is not only due to the advancement in technology; that makes them appealing, but also due to their ease of availability in the market. Most of these helicopters have quadrat rotors; they are lifted and kept high by four rotors. However, some of them may be different. Hence the name quadcopters, which comes from the amalgamation of the two names; quadrat and helicopter.

These types of helicopters contain two propellers; one that propels in the clockwise direction, while the other in the anti-clockwise direction. This maintains the stability of the device while in the air, whilst enhancing its ability to change direction under different conditions. At first, production of these helicopters was in large scale, which later changed to small scale production. This was because initially, people highly believed in the proper functioning of the rotors in the helicopter, rather than the front and vertical rotors. Many advancements of this design came up in the years between 1900 and mid-1900. At first, the advanced designs won the attention of people. But later, due to poor and inconsistent performance, the popularity reduced. Although attempts were made to improve the condition later, it still did not work.

It is in the recent years, due to the advancement in technology, the quadcopters’ condition has largely improved. For instance, there are cameras, GPS, as well as other advanced designs that allow the use of the drones both from the inside and the outside of the helicopter. As a result of technology, these quadcopters are lighter, small in size and easy to operate as compared to the earlier designs. Also, due to their efficiency, they have been used in research of unmanned aerial vehicles; UAV.

In addition, due to their lower cost of production, they are cheaper than the original quadcopters. Still, they use less kinetic energy; hence reducing the cost of maintenance. To add on the advantages, the rotor protection nature of the helicopters cause little or no damage to the helicopter, making it the choice of many buyers.

In the year 1907, Louis Breguet designed the first quadcopter. Though it could not fly to high levels from the ground, it is still recognized as the first quadcopter to be designed. It took ten years for other designs to be produced. A French helicopter designer, was the second after Breguet, to come up with a quadcopter design of a helicopter. He came up with four different designs. The one which gave birth to the other designs produced later was made up of four rotors, and as much as up to eight propellers. The propellers could propel in both the clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Although the design did not function quite well as expected, it could stay up above the ground for several minutes. Nonetheless, many other designers copied this particular design, improved and made advancements on it.

To conclude, quadcopters are, and would continue to be one of the best helicopter designs in the market. Although the design has passed through several stages of advancements, technology has played a big role; in making this design one among the best helicopters available in the market today.

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