The Rise of Commercial Drones & Its Effect On The Global Market

The Unprecedented Rise of Commercial Drones

Back then, when people hear the term “drones,” they immediately think of military, warzone, spies, and whatnot. But in this day and age of fast pace technological advancements, drones have become more popular in the commercial sense and in fact, commercial drones production and distribution has turned into a very lucrative business.

It’s interesting to know that the commercial drones industry has consistently been growing by about 20% every single year, leading to further expansion and development as a result. This growth goes side by side the introduction of high-quality cameras and efficient GPS systems, which make it all the more appealing to use quadcopters for their recreational and entertainment purposes.

The Market Leader in Drone Distribution

DJI is a Chinese company founded in 2006 and is known as the world market leader in recreational drones. They’re set to hit an estimated projection of $1 billion in revenue in the coming year. Their product range, consisting of the popular models Phantom 3 and Inspire 1, have been widely used not just for simple recreational purposes but also for professional industries such as farming and policing.

DJI’s commercial drones have been widely used to the point that it’s been associated with finding the solution to various natural disasters, as well as hunting for hurricanes or searching for the causes of forest fires and help keep fires under control. They have developed their products and as of late, they offer customers high quality photo and video recording abilities, efficient and accurate GPS systems, and user-friendly application support.

Even much better is the app designed and provided by DJI that allows its customers to change and adjust the settings on the drone to get the highest possible quality of pictures and videos—and then have it streamed directly on an iOS or android device. This app could also let users access inflight telemetry as well.

Effect On The Global Market

Analysts believe that by the year 2025, commercial drones could be held responsible for billions of dollars in the global market. Furthermore, this expanding industry could also create over 100,000 jobs that would result to a significant amount of tax money. This industry is showing one of the strongest signs of further growth and massive expansion, and this is exactly what a high-investment market needs.

It’s definitely a good sign that companies involved in distribution and selling of commercial drones are doing very well and are continuously reinvesting in better features and products, which in turn would help the global market grow even more. This is exactly the kind of never-ending positive cycle that our global market is in dire need of right now.

The Future of Commercial Drones

What lies ahead for commercial drones? Could it be long before these drones can be used without any human involvement whatsoever?

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is foreseeing a timeline of just three years, in which quadrotors or drones will be able to complete menial jobs such as parcel delivery without any human involvement and control. Of course, there has to have certain changes made when it comes to rules and regulations of flying drones. And for now, the general rule of thumb is that drones can only be flown from a position where it can still be seen by the user/controller.

There are many companies and industries challenging this current regulation since they are very well interested in using drones more efficiently for their business processes and overall efficiency. Perfect example of which is using drones to check where rails are broken so it can properly be repaired by the train company. Given this situation, it may be hard to have full coverage if the drone has to remain somewhat close and visible to the controller. With the intention of safety and travel efficiency, the FAA may have to look and consider adjusting their regulations soon enough.

With this steady growth and rise of commercial drones, as well as new technological advancements made every year, it seems to be that there’s no stopping the unprecedented market growth of the commercial drone industry.

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