Top Drones With A Camera

A couple of decades ago, it was unimaginable how one could make a drone leave alone install a camera for surveillance. However, numerous inventions over the past years have seen this dream become a valuable asset. It no longer an illusion to have drones flying over properties with cameras for surveillance purposes. Each day, more powerful cameras are being built into drones for wide number of reasons. Though you can’t find one or two quadrotors without a camera in the market, it isn’t likely as so many providers are manufacturing top quality devices for better focus and resolution.

With such a dimension to the surveillance field, there is a wide list of new introductions of drones. This has seen top drone manufacturing companies work tirelessly to respond to the market’s needs. For instance, DJI which is a top drone company, was the first company to offer HD cameras in their devices making the industry even more demanding in 2014. Their quadcopter drones were thus installed with a built in gimbal that ensured the device remained focused even with vibrations that characterize its movement. At the moment, drones have begun to play a big role in many industries such as security and film production.

Phantom 3 products

Think about the kind of images that a drone above you could look like. Well, if you imaged a poor quality fisheye-like photo, the think again. There are so many devices out there that offer top quality photos than you could imagine. One of them is DJIs Phantom 3 which you will find to be very useful for photographers in the film industry. It is known to have a 94 degrees shooting angle offering non-fisheye photos.

As if that is not enough, Phantom 3 also comes with specs like those found in most of Sony products. It can thus shoot 4k videos to the extent of 60fps. The same capability is enjoyed in Phantom 3s lookalike; inspire. However, the later offers more extras and is sold at a more expensive price. Something you should know about the Phantom 3 is that its gimbal can only turn 90 to 30 degrees thus necessitating whole package movement for perfect shooting. However, the inspire product has a gimbal that makes 360 turns thus removing the need to move the whole drone for shooting at wider angles.

The 3D Robotic Solo

Termed as the 3DR, this product is considered to be a close competitor to the Phantom 3 and inspire. It enables you to not only shoot HD quality pictures, but also allows live streaming to smartphones and laptops. Furthermore, it allows one to access the drone’s inflight telemetry via an app thus making it very easy to control drone settings. One slight difference with this product from the aforementioned two is its GoPro camera and not own-brand device. You can thus expect some fisheye effect which will require some editing to do away with. All in all, what has made this product a top competitor with the big boys is the smart shots feature which enables take smart shots via the app segment.

If you have been wondering about top devices that could help take clear surveillance or film shots, then look no more. You can check out more drones with quality cameras, but the two will be a great way to begin the search process. Good luck!

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